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performance and risk management

Solutions Overview

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VisionMonitor solutions bridge the gaps of integration, collaboration, latency, and context to provide an interconnected approach to performance management with operational intelligence as an integral part. These solutions allow the aggregation, monitoring, and analysis of information originating from a large number of different sources throughout an organization to deliver real-time data and information. Our solutions reach out and poll the various systems already in existence across an organization in order to collect, process, and transform raw information into active knowledge.

The ultimate goal of any management system is to control and continuously improve performance by aligning resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives. This alignment links strategies, goals, and knowledge across the organization while aiming it into the future. Combining this alignment with a VisionMonitor Performance Management Solution helps steer the course to success. Information is analyzed and transformed into views that are easily understood by end users. Contact a VisionMonitor Solutions Specialist today to learn more about innovative industry leading solutions for data visualization and risk management.

What We Offer

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performance visualization and monitoring

Collect data from each area of operations in order to monitor performance and proactively manage risk

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risk mitigation workflows

Monitor and alert on undesirable performance trends and automatically trigger corrective action requirements.

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performance boundaries

Define and monitor opertional boundaries for Limits, Targets, Budgets, Forecasts, and Goals.

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data transformation

Automatically collect data from various sources and transform for use in calculations, data monitors, reports, and other systems.