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Partnership Overview

In order to assist our clients deploy solutions rapidly and with maximum added value, VisionMonitor works closely with a carefully selected set of partners. By considering the full range of components needed to deliver and operate complex, robust, scalable enterprise solutions, we seek, select, and enter into meaningful partnerships with only premium providers whose offerings complement our strengths to best meet the needs of our clients.

Participation in the various partner programs requires a significant commitment from both VisionMonitor and our partners. We share information, commit to providing comprehensive training, and ask for superior service and support from our partners. VisionMonitor is currently partnered with best-in-class organizations in both technical and business leadership positions. While the technology alliances provide a broad spectrum of solutions across industries, our Business affiliations are typically vertical industry focused. A few of our partners are shown below.

Company Partners

Sine Rivali, LLC

The Aloft Group

Aloft specializes in risk management and integrating client data into tools to proactively identify and manage risk while allowing for the optimization of efficiency, safety, and profits. Their approach to risk management is integral to the effective execution of a Safety Management System within industries and governments.

Sine Rivali, LLC

Sine Rivali, LLC

Sine Rivali is a consulting organization that has been actively involved in the investigation of a number of major accidents. SR has assisted a number of Operators with developing and implementing programs to enhance and improve their various integrity management systems.

Huco Consulting

Huco Consulting

Huco Consulting serves clients around the world from their office in Houston, TX. Huco has more than 25 years of combined experience in environmental, health and safety regulations; information technology (IT); and management consulting.


Cognascents Consulting Group, Inc.

The Cognascents Consulting Group, Inc. is a young, but experienced, consulting company based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2010, Cognascents is a privately owned S-corporation registered in Texas. They help people and organizations achieve competitive sustainability.

Global Change Associates

Global Change Associates

Global Change Associates Inc. (GCA) was founded in 1991 by Peter C. Fusaro to focus on the convergence of energy and environmental financial markets.

Affiliate Programs

Microsoft Certified Partner Silver ISV

 VisionMonitor became a  Microsoft Certified Partner in 2001 and the complete line of VisionMonitor solutions is built using Microsoft's .NET Framework.

VisionMonitor received Microsoft's Silver Partner Certification for ISV/Software Solutions. The Microsoft Silver Partner Program brings market recognition to companies providing consistent, high quality products built on the Microsoft platform. VisionMonitor was named a Silver Partner due to its commitment to the Microsoft platform and its proven track record of developing robust and reliable software products.